Christian Wedding Vows


Christian Wedding Vows

Grooms vow

I promise to be yours and to have you as my own no matter what will come to pass in our lives

I will love you in every season we pass through: in the heat of the summer, in the chill of the fall through the cold of the winter and the muddy flowers of spring

I do not know what god has in mind for us but I will provide for you and be by your side whether we are rich or scraping by, whether we are healthy or holding on, whether we are happy or holding back tears

I will be completely yours as we experience new things, as we have children of our own and watch them grow, I will be there for you when the sun is shining and the day is warm as well as when the sun sets and stars come out to shine

And when the storms come and rage I will hold you and tell you that you don't have to be afraid, I will do my best to love you as best I can and to give you every good thing in this life

And when I fail, I will humbly try to do better and to serve and protect you all of my days

You alone my love, from this day forth I am yours and no power under the sun will ever change that

I love you my Cindy and take you as mine and from this day forth I shall be forever yours

Brides Vow

I Cindy take you my Thomas to be my lawful wedded husband and to give myself to you.

I take you as mine to be as mine. Years will pass by as we grow old but I will love you no matter what.

Life may become easy or hard when seasons change but together we will look up because our Jesus reigns.

Rain will fall down; the sun will shine bright, through hot summer days or cold winter nights, autumn leaves will fall down and spring flowers will cover the ground, and I will love only one more than you

My Jesus is number one and you are number two.

When our babies are young and our children are grown, my Thomas you are the love of my life

Through wealth or abundance or just scraping by let us remember our blessings are from Jesus most high.

I take you as my husband and I will be your wife.


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