Wedding Vows


Wedding Vows

The venue is booked, the celebrant is determined and love is in the air…but what about your wedding vows? It’s easy to get caught up in the preparation of your big day and forget what it’s really all about; the solemn promise of a vow. Throughout history wedding ceremonies have consisted of couples reciting a traditional vow to each other before god and their beloved. As society has developed it has become more common for couples to do away with traditional sentiments and adopt their own vows, free from religious notions and the language of a bygone era. While some people agonise over choosing between traditional vows or adopting more contemporary words it doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

Select from the list of helpful wedding vow articles below to assist with your wedding planning effort:

Wedding Vows History
The exact origin of the practice of exchanging wedding vows is uncertain but it is clear that the tradition has enjoyed a rich history spanning diverse more.

Meaning of Vows
In the context of a wedding, a vow is an exchange of promises between the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. In Western society this promise has traditionally included declarations of affection conveying an enduring intention to comfort, keep, cherish and more.

Modern Wedding Vows
Today western marriages are predominantly born out of love rather than political or hierarchical motivations. In Australia couples are free to draft their own wedding vows provided they comply with the S46 of the Marriage more.

Traditional Wedding Vows
A widely used traditional vow from the Episcopal Church’s current Book of Common Prayer is as more.

Writing Personalised Wedding Vows
The marriage ceremony is an exchange of solemn promises; therefore it is essential that those promises reflect your intentions. With that in mind you may decide to write your own vows so that the words you use and the meanings they convey are more reminiscent of your true more.

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