From Russia for Love


Love is the greatest motivator!

Imagine leaving your home, your family, the familiar and taking that giant leap of faith into the loving arms of your beloved, in Australia. Where even the mundane is unfamiliar and language a barrier. Yes love is the founder of faith and hope and belief in your life and future in your beloved.

Congratulations to our happy couple who celebrated their love and commitment in their new home in Australia.

The groom was not allowed to see the bride's wedding gown until their Wedding Day. So you could feel and sense the anticipation, the excitement as the groom waited for the arrival of his bride.

Hooray! There she was resplendent in her wedding attire, her beautiful jewel encrusted wedding dress all the way from Russia, sparkled and dazzled in the sun, as the glow on her face and radiant smile depicted her eagerness to join her love.

As the bride made her way down the flight of stairs, you could hear the groom's intake of breath as his beautiful bride approached to take her place by his side. Where together, hand in hand they committed to walk the journey of life, as supportive, loving husband and wife!

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