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For hundreds of years, diamond and gemstones have been synonymous with all things luxurious and have been presented in rings and other jewellery as the symbol of important relationships. Nowadays, the diamond ring has become an important part of the couple’s engagement and wedding. Sparkling diamonds boost the fairytale and luxurious feel. In recent years, in order to enhance the sparkling scene, crystals have become more and more popular with brides as the overwhelming decoration for the special occasion.

To set the luxury tone for your wedding day, crystal wedding stationery will perfectly present your special day. Generally, most stationery suppliers provide luxury wedding invitation designs with only several crystals decorated on the wedding stationery. My Special Invitations has a perfect diamond setting handcraft design for crystal invitations and other stationery. Sparkling crystal can be your central wedding theme to create a real fairytale luxury wedding.

The luxury crystal invitation in My Special Invitations includes a number of unique elements in the handcraft process:

Exclusive Designer Feel. Inspired by the luxury European royal design, one hundred crystals are set on the unique graphic pattern which literally motivates your guests’ expectation for your special day! This unique design will certainly create a reassuringly exclusive feel for your luxury wedding.

Distinctive Handmade Craft. In contrast to the common glue setting for crystals decorated on invitations, one hundred crystals in this design are set in the cushion using claws like a diamond setting. It takes hours to finish the setting and to sew the cushion net onto the invitation totally by hand.

Unduplicated Personal Touch. Handmade luxury wedding invitations have a gorgeous unduplicated touch and the attention to detail really makes your special day stand out. My Special Invitations also provides you with personalised options to match your luxury wedding invitations to your wedding theme colour and to include your personal logo.

Complete Luxury Look. One of the most important factors for a luxury wedding is the coordination of your special day to the finest detail. In this crystal design, all of the invitation details can be customised to match your theme. Meanwhile, all of the matching handmade luxury wedding stationery, from your order of service card to your menu card, and even your guest book, will leave a great sense of elegance and understated luxury.

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My Special Invitations

My Special Invitations provides fully assembled invitations and stationery with unique designs and the best prices. We understand the importance of customising designs to match your desired theme. Please contact Bonnie today to discuss more about our customised design service!

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