Inspirational Wedding Invitation Ideas


Inspirational Wedding Invitation Ideas

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When a wedding invitation arrives in the mail it will produce some interest and, if it’s well done, quite a lot of suspense and excitement. The invitations you send to your guests are just the start of their experience of your wedding, and you’ll want your wedding invitations to reflect you as a couple, as well as the style of wedding that you’re planning – whether it’s traditional and formal, casual and informal, or alternative and quirky.

Weddings take many different forms these days and, unless a wedding is highly traditional, invitations are no longer expected to comply with all those rigid conventions that used to apply. We've made a list of a few alternative wedding invitation options you might want to consider.

Personalise invitations
Each invitation needs to indicate the time and place of your wedding and where and when to send RSVP responses, but add a brief handwritten note from you to your guest, and the invitation changes from being strictly informative to something that’s much more personal and inviting!

Use interesting paper
Specialty stationery stores stock some interesting paper and card products that can be used for invitations. In addition to classic heavy cardstock, there are papers and cards made from natural fibres, and it’s worth taking a look at some of the stunning Japanese papers. A beautiful invitation becomes a memento of your wedding and can almost be a work of art.

Roll it up
Think beyond flat invitation cards and consider wedding invitations in the form of classical Roman scrolls. Imagine your guests’ faces as they unroll their scrolls to slowly reveal the text of the invitation. Note: Latin text doesn’t mean much to most people, and remember that scrolls should be posted in tubes rather than envelopes!

Eschew snail mail
Send an electronic invitation. Creating your own invitation and sending it as a .pdf document email attachment is the 21st century way to do it – and it’s virtually free! Create an irresistible email subject heading so that recipients know it’s not junk mail, and make sure that you have each guest’s correct email address before you hit the “send” button.

Make a video invitation
If you have videography skills or know someone who does, make a video invitation and send it by email. Receiving a video wedding invitation will probably be a unique experience for your guests.

Create something both memorable and useful
Design an invitation in the form of a fridge magnet, have them made up and send them through the post. A magnet is useful for attaching takeaway pizza menus to the fridge, so your invitation is likely to stick around for a while.

Don’t let size and shape conventions inhibit you
Paper wedding invitations don’t have to be rectangular or any particular size. Design a unique invitation - but remember that you may need to use a conventionally-shaped envelope.

Make a surprise parcel
Create a sense of suspense and surprise: wrap an invitation in several separate layers of paper, or in nested boxes, and send it by parcel post.

Be imaginative with your wedding invitations, and try to achieve something unique, attractive, and inspirational, and which creates a sense of wonder, suspense and excitement in all those lucky people who receive one.

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