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Wedding registry aka gift registry, is the modern way to receiving exactly what you want, even if you have to spell it out for your not-so-clued in guests. Let’s toast to whoever invented the gift registry concept (probably the department stores); they have certainly made gift-giving a whole lot easier for all involved (guests and the bridal couple), gone are the days where guests traipses up and down aisles, and from mall to mall cluelessly second guessing what to buy, and how much to spend and heaven forbid only to find it has been re-gifted.

This is all good until come contemporary times when most husband-and-wife-to-be’s have in fact, been living together for some number of years and find their home is well-equipped with everything they need. Toaster – tick; bath towels – tick; saucepans – tick; glassware – tick; bed linen (perhaps, could do with more) but essentially, tick… So what happens to the once god-send-gift-registry as we move forward to the current age of ubiquitous pre-marital ‘living-together’?

In Asian, South American and some European cultures it is customary to give cold hard cash as a gift! If you’ve ever been to a Chinese wedding banquet then you’ll be sure to have seen the gift table looking like a sad affair – this is quite the norm, and in fact bring a present and it’ll sit on that table by its lonesome self. The Chinese proudly give and receive cash in little red envelopes embossed with auspicious graphics and calligraphy; symbolically it’s also a blessing of abundance for the bridal couple as they move into their marriage together. Or anyone who’s been to a Greek wedding would’ve experience dropping a cash-filled-envelope into a ‘wishing-well’ or tying it to a ‘money-tree’ for the bride and groom…

So what used to be shunned upon as ‘bad-form’ or tacky by some people from traditional Western cultures, is now being embraced by a new breed of bride and grooms. Whether it’s a result of being exposed to different cultures, or being more multi-culturally minded, or an awareness of more options and choices available or simply the fact that ‘it just makes sense’…who knows? Who cares? What we do know is more and more modern-in-the-know bride and grooms prefer cash gifts that can contribute to the wedding and honeymoon.

And yes it does make sense, weddings are expensive and so are honeymoons. At the end of the day, and in years to come long after the toaster has been replaced many times over, it is wedding day and the magical honeymoon that remains etched in your memory forever (definitely not the toaster nor the faded bath towels).

Times have changed, needs have shifted – these days you can opt for a ‘honeymoon gift registry’. Decide where you want you to spend your first married days together; a honeymoon in the isles of Tahiti? Or lounging in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives? Or laying by your private pool lapping up the private butler service in your Koh Samui villa? Whatever your dream honeymoon happens to be, it can easily be set up as a gift registry that your friends and families can contribute towards.

The Honeymoon Gift Registry at Butler by the Sea has been designed with both the bridal couple and guests in mind.

For the bride and groom who already own silverware, bath towels, bed linen and a raft of other homely items, receiving a honeymoon as a wedding gift from family and friends is an extension of their love, wishes and blessings to you both during perhaps your most important holiday together as husband and wife.

As a family member and friend, it allows you to contribute to the Bride and Groom's once-in-a-lifetime hallmark holiday - their honeymoon, their first days together in wedded bliss, experiences they will cherish and remember for many years to come.

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