Why Do Women Become Strippers: : Not One Reason Involves Low Self-Esteem


There are many reasons that women become strippers, and it's normally not due to the stereotypes that some people expect. They didn't become strippers because they have "daddy issues", and they don't become strippers because that's the only skill they have. While this may be true for some, of course, many other women who become strippers have a high self-esteem with plenty of job skills that don't require them to move their bodies for cash.


They Like the Work

For many strippers, they like the freedom of dancing. They can work a few hours per night and receive more money than they would in another line of work. When strippers dance, they are performing for an audience. For those who love being on stage, this can be a powerful sense of freedom and being in the spotlight. It's not much different than actors, singers or performers who are on stage in front of an audience.


Pay for Education

Stripper careers can provide money for those who have higher aspirations for their life. Whether they love stripping or not, they might have goals in life that involve a degree. In fact, many strippers might already have a degree, but they dance because it can pay back student loans. Sometimes, Australian strippers and others will get a degree and worry about how they'll pay back all that money in loans. A few years as a stripper can pay back those loans quickly.



Strippers do not have a boss. Often, they are paying for the stage time to make money at the club. They are self-employed individuals who are not required to do anything they don't want to do. There's no middle manager with an inflated sense of authority making their lives miserable like many jobs. While there are no benefits like medical care, there aren't benefits like that for any self-employed individual in other fields either.


Schedule and Flexibility

Along with being self-employed is the benefit of being able to set your own schedule. Strippers can work three nights over the weekend and spend the rest of their time with family, friends or career. It's flexible for mothers who want to spend time with their children. Often, small children are in bed when a stripper goes to work. By the time the child wakes, the mother is home to spend time taking care of the child.

When strippers dance, they have a variety of reasons from the desire for flexibility to the love of being on stage to the amount of money they can make. It's a mistake to believe old stereotypes about women dancing because of low self-esteem or daddy issues.

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