Celebrate Bucks Party Cruise in Sydney: What To Prepare For?


Who doesn't love a good stag party? Taking a cruise ship out for the night is a great way to send your best mate into the flames of thunder and glory for his last night as a single man. What if the fiance doesn't want your best mate around other women? The best way to ease her nerves is to say that you will be on a boat the whole time, so he's even safer than what he'd be in a bar with tons of women. Unless that jealous fiance has fears of mermaids or sirens, there will be no "random" women on the boat.


Memorable Night: Sydney Harbour

If you are planning to celebrate bucks party in Sydney, cruising on harbour at night is always an awesome idea. On the boat, there will be naked women serving drinks as you sail around the great Sydney Harbour. What the Misses don't know won't hurt her. Truth is, they are not random women. In fact, they are paid professionals who are ready to give your best mate a night of legend. You tell the fiance that it is a fishing trip, and you want to see the Opera House or Harbour Bridge from the water. Sell her on the idea that you and your mates love architecture—the architecture of a woman's body, that is.


Titties on the Boat!

While no one likes that guy who drinks during the day and visits the titty bar on Tuesday mornings, it is always okay to drink and party on a party boat, no matter what time of the day it is. In fact, party all summer long. Heck! party all winter long too! Because you can hire a bucks party cruise at all times of the day, you will always have access to an epic party scene. In the meantime, everyone will find it cool, so there's no need to worry about indulging your delinquent tendencies.


Poker Time: Not Bad!

Whenever you have half naked women serving drinks around a table, gambling will not be far away. Let's be clear—this is not just a boob cruise. In fact, you can get the poker party as well with lingerie poker dealers at the table. You have the poker chips and cards that are all made better with the stripper show. Nothing makes a man feel more alpha than winning all your mate's money and having a sexy card dealer give you a lap dance.


A Tame Bucks Party? Maybe Not

If you have a mate that has a fiance who insists on keeping it tame, then there are different levels of nudity on the bucks cruises. For example, you can choose to have women in lingerie who serve drinks combined with an R-rated strip tease. These are all things that you can see on TV, which is great for a boob cruise when you have someone on the ship that gets easily offended. Better yet, leave that guy at the docks and crank it up for a full x-rated strip tease. If you are feeling super wild, you can even agree to a full-on lesbian show. Most guys will say that you have not lived until you have seen two beautiful women enjoying each other's bodies. The great thing about a stag cruise is how you can create an alter ego on the boat and leave the boring you back on dry land.


What are the Perks of Stag Cruises

Aside from the other benefits, you do not have to spend an entire night planning your stag cruise for your best mate. Why look up bar and restaurant reviews when a party cruise guarantees a fun night? If you tell your mate you got a boat for the night's festivities, you can almost rest assured that everyone attending will be jumping with excitement. Having drinks on a party ship with your bros will be a wild night of debauchery and fun memories that will later be written in the book of legend.

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