Bachelor Party Challenges for the Groom You Shouldn't Miss


The task of planning and executing
a great bachelor party is the best man's duty. Thus, the best man must find a way of ensuring that his crony gets the appropriate send off into married life through great bachelor party challenges for the groom. Regardless of what you are planning for your bosom buddy, it's always a great idea to have a few bachelor party challenges lined up for the groom.

These challenges help to create a bond among the group and will be funny and memorable. With proper planning, the challenges can turn out to be comical moments you will not forget. This is why you need a bachelor party challenge list.

The Jumbo Flask Challenge

There are many unusual bachelor party challenges for the groom such as the game called the jumbo flask challenge. The flask is for the groom, and the challenge is for the groom to begin the night with a flask that is full. Before the night ends, he should have emptied the entire flask. He either has to drink all the contents of the flask or pour out a shot to a random girl but under specific conditions.


The conditions are that he should get a girl to give him her actual phone number. He should also get the girl to dance with him. If he succeeds at this, he can pour the girl a shot. If he fails, he will have to drink the shot himself. The twist to the challenge is that he does not get to choose the girl, but the groomsmen do that.


The Chicken Run Challenge


Here is another one of the bachelor challenges for bachelor party. This one is fascinating and should feature in any a bachelor party challenge list. It will leave onlookers laughing. Get the groom to dress as a chicken and then have everyone stick out a $10 note into a kitty.


The kitty is then given to the groom and he will have to wear the attire until he has bought a drink for everyone and everyone has finished their drink. The twist to this challenge is that he doesn't buy the drink from the same bar. He has to get out and find a different bar; buy a drink for himself, finish it and then buy another for the group, one at a time.


Imagining a guy dressed up as a chicken alone in a bar taking a drink is funny enough. Once he has bought the drinks for every member of the groom group, he can remove the costume.


Why a List Makes Sense


There are many bachelor challenges for bachelor party; some can be simple and yet very challenging. Using a list of bachelor party in  challenges and games can help make the party quite interesting. With a list, you can keep the night going, and the groom occupied and happy. The challenges should always have some consequences when the groom fails to meet them.

It's essential to ensure there will be no consequences beyond just the fun part and that everything you do is legal and safe. It's wise to have a designated driver in case the group is drunk, and no one is sober enough to drive.

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