5 Sydney Bucks Party Ideas You'll Really Love It


One of the most sacred duties of the best man is planning the bucks party for his mate.
The best bucks night ideas will fit with the groom's personality. There are plenty of activities to do in Sydney, but here are a few that are sure to fit within any budget. You can combine any of these ideas for a fantastic bucks weekend that he'll never forget.


Local Clubs

There's no better nightlife than the Sydney club scene. This is a traditional night out for the groom because it never goes out of style. Whether you take him to a bar or a strip club, a night out with his closest friends will be a great send-off into his new married life. It might be the last time you see him for a while too.


For bucks party venues Sydney, you'll want to visit a club like the Dollhouse. This nightspot might be a good choice for your group since it's a classy establishment with great music and sexy women. Home is a great nightclub for dancing and music. It features VIP booths for your party too.


Day Trips

The best way to experience a bucks party with your entire group is to make it a day trip to be remembered. You can choose to have a brewery tour along with all the beer tastings you can manage with a service like Dave's Brewery Tours.


The tour takes you from how they choose the ingredients to the people who make the beer itself. The variety of tours include pub walks or 3 in 3, which features three beer locations in three hours.


Another choice for day trips is a day party cruise with a tour company. You can schedule an entire weekend of boat partying or a booze cruise with lovely ladies on board. The boat will take you around beautiful Sydney Harbor.


Private Party

If you'd rather keep it a more intimate party, you can rent a space when everyone contributes to the cost. This will keep the costs down since you'll be doing more than renting a location.


With a private room, you'll need to pay for food and drinks. You'll need plenty of alcohol for your bucks party. Make sure there's a variety for everyone that will last through the night. Unless you bring in a bartender, keep the drinks simple with beer, wine and liquor.


Music and entertainment is vital for the party. With the right music, you can keep the party going for hours. You'll need to think about whether you're bringing in strippers or inviting other attractive women to the party. Drinking games are always fun activities too. With bucks party rules games are always exciting even if they're not drinking games like the coin toss.

It's vital that the type of party you choose fits with what the groom wants. You shouldn't pick an activity that only you will like. This is an occasion where it's the groom's choice. You might want to consult with him on the process too.


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