5 Best Bachelor Party Ideas to Do with Your Friends


Many guys, even before they are engaged, look forward to their bachelor parties. They know these soirees will be fun days or nights with all of their best guys. However, when the time comes to plan one, many find themselves confused on what to do on a stag night.

1. Vacation

Asking people to spend a great deal of money on a vacation for a stag night is not the best idea, especially in some circles, but the group can go for a quick one or two-night getaway. Checking out an area that has a group of breweries and going to a major casino for the weekend are some of the best popular things to do on bachelor party time.

2. Sporting Event

For guys who love sports, the opportunity to see a big game or to travel to a new stadium means a great deal. The group may want to tailgate before the game and take a limo there so they can play some bachelor party drinking games before the arrival. If the group can procure tickets to a major game, such as a playoff event, that adds even more excitement to the event. However, most sports aficionados are happy to see any game.

3. Steakhouse

Many men love totry different cuts of steak, but when they check out the prices of the top steakhouse in the city, they realize that it is a bit beyond their budget for an ordinary night out. When the time comes for the bachelor party, however, the entire group may decide to splurge. The steakhouse can be a precursor to a night at an upscale hotel in the city, or the group may decide to meet up early to grab some drinks at happy hour so that they can work up an appetite for their meal.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Some groups do not necessarily want the traditional bachelor party that is heavy on antics and drinking. Instead, they are looking into some bucks night challenges. They can devise a scavenger hunt and divide the group up into teams. The guys in the bridal party can purchase prizes for the team that comes in first place. For a larger group, they may also want to buy prizes for people who come in second or third place as well.

5. Athletic Activity

While plenty of guys like to attend sporting events, they also like to participate in them. Men may decide to check out the new bowling alley that opened up in town, or they may want to play a few rounds of paintball. Other guys will like a Sunday afternoon playing some rounds on the golf course, and still others will want to hit the park for some pick-up games of hoops before going off to happy hour.

The best bachelor party is the one that the groom is the most interested in. Therefore, obtaining his feedback and suggestions on any of the plans is imperative to a successful and enjoyable celebration.

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