5 Bachelor Party Ideas Ready To Go Crazy This Spring



Your buck' party should be one of the funnest nights of your life. Many husbands-to-be find themselves planning a typical night out with the boys, but instead of passing the night bar-hopping or playing X-Box on your mate's couch, here are 5 awesome bucks night ideas in Sydney that you can use to have an absolutely epic night before you say "I do".


Go-Kart Racing

It definitely beats playing Mario Kart all night on the Wii-U. A night spent at the go-kart tracks won't just make you feel like a kid again; it'll get your blood pumping and excited for the rest of evening spent enjoying beers at your favorite pubs and dining on all the food you fiancè tells you to lay off of. Go-karting at Ultimate Karting Sydney is just one of the many fun activities to do in Sydney for your bachelor's party.


A BBQ Cooking Class

Eat ribs and you'll be satisfied for one night. Learn to smoke those bad boys yourself and you'll be satisfied for a lifetime. Sign up for a barbeque cooking class and you and your mates can learn how to grill like pros. The BBQ School in Sydney offers hands-on barbeque "BBQ for Blokes" classes that start at $125 per person and teach you and your mates how to grill some authentic Aussie classics as well as essentials like spare ribs, sausages and the ultimate steak.


80s Party

Maybe you're a traditional kind of guy and want to have a proper stag night. If you really want to go old school and just hit up some bars with your mates, then the best way to do it is arrange your bar-hopping excursions to end at a house party with a theme. We've recommended the 80s since it's got killer music and awesome costumes, but you're free to choose whichever theme you like most. Be sure to go all out with this one and have games for a buck's party like beer pong and strippers dancing about if that's your thing.


Surf N' Turf

Of all the fun activities to do in Sydney, you can't leave out surfing. Australia has some of the world's most gorgeous beaches and snorkeling spots. Hit the waves with your mates, arrange for a scuba or snorkeling excursion at the Great Barrier Reef and follow it up with an amazing dinner and drinks at one of Sydney's many harbor-view restaurants.



Jumping out of a plane 14,000 feet in the air is nothing compared to marriage! There are plenty of fun stag nights that involve mini-golfing and clubs, but imagine watching the world expand beneath you as you plummet toward the earth? There's nothing like the rush of skydiving and its one buck's party you and your mates will never forget.


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