Choosing a Wedding Dressmaker


Choosing a Wedding Dressmaker

A wedding dressmaker is someone who can create your custom bridal wear.


  • Stand proud and WOW your guests in a beautifully custom-designed wedding dress
  • A bigger wedding budget with a cost-effective custom made dress
  • Save money on wedding fabric selection
  • Enjoy the expert consultancy of a professional dressmaker specialized in making you look your best on your wedding day


Can I see a portfolio of wedding dresses?
Professional dressmakers will proudly present a wedding portfolio of their best and most recent wedding dress photos sometimes accompanied with a display of highly sought after fabrics. This will hopefully showcase a range of wedding styles and therefore the diverse capabilities of nothing less than an experienced wedding dressmaker.

Are you able to make a designer wedding dress?
If you’re looking to save some dollars you may consider a designer wedding dress made by a dressmaker for a fraction of the in-store price. Ask to see photos of designer wedding dresses and also take a bridal magazine tear-out of that stunning dress you’ve set your heart on to your first consult.

How many wedding dress fittings are expected?
Disgruntlements with your dressmaker typically revolve around the timing or amount of wedding dress fittings, or lack thereof. Make sure the number of fittings is specified on paper or your invoice / receipt and find out what additional costs are charged for additional fittings, if permitted.

Bear in mind, a wedding dress is usually fitted a week or two out from the wedding day for final adjustments.

Can you work with me as I plan to shed some kilos?
Competent bridal dressmakers can work around the changing weight and shape of the bride-to-be, though if considerable change is expected then this should be one talking point with your dressmaker.

Do you make bridesmaids dresses?
Dressmakers are usually capable of making bridesmaids dresses for all females of the bridal party, and not just the wedding gown alone. Again, it is advisable to look through the dressmakers portfolio of bridesmaids dresses.

The advantage of being able to theme styles by the same dressmaker outweighs going to a different provider for different and potentially unmatching bridesmaids dresses. As a bride-to-be you’re usually responsible for coordinating fittings, or at least delegating the co-ordination of, on a number of occasions with each bridesmaid and the dressmaker.

Can you make mother-of-brides dresses?
This is a great question to ask, as it can be quite time-saving to have your garments made by one dressmaker. You might also appreciate your mother’s company and feedback whilst trying on your own dress.

Can you make flower girl dresses?
In some cases excess material and accessories can be put towards a flower girl’s dress, so check with your dressmaker if this cost-saving’s approach work with them. Be wary that some dressmakers do not work on children’s wear at all.

How long will it take to make a wedding dress?
Obviously, the more complicated the detail in the dress, the longer it can take to complete, anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Additional fittings or special dress features such as embroidered bodices to hand-sewn lace additions or excessive hooks for back straps can elongate the wait.

What costs are involved?
Labour is the key cost, but it’s nice to find out what the total cost includes and excludes such as fabrics, accessories, additional fittings and so on.

Due to dressmakers close relationship with material stores, dressmakers can often attract trade discounts on fabric and associated accessories such as threads, beads, sequins, lace and more. It may be cheaper for you to source material through your dressmaker than directly via a fabric store.

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