Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is a wise investment!


From the time we play with Barbie dolls most women have the vision of how they foresee their wedding. However, there are so many details that can cause added stress for the Bridal Couple; such as doing the necessary research to compare all the options, making sure you have negotiated the best deal and making sure all of the details are in place.

Sometimes the whole wedding planning process can take on a life of it's own, becoming another full time job with the average bride spending anywhere up to 300 hours of planning, negotiating and coordinating which can become rather complicated with the busy work and personal life that they already have.

Some couples feel that hiring a Wedding Planner is a lavish outlay, far from it. A Wedding Planner is a small percentage of your Wedding budget that is a most cost effective investment. As Wedding Planners, we have excellent negotiating skills and in most cases can save our clients time and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars off the total of your budget.

Many venues have their own Wedding Coordinators, but they are there to assist with the Wedding Reception. Having someone plan the rest of the day, providing you with peace of mind is also very important. On your Wedding Day you, your family and friends should be celebrating and enjoying this special occasion. The only person who should be keeping track of all the rest of the details is the professional you hire, your Wedding Planner.


The Financial Controller - Keeping track of your budget and to assist you in avoiding all of those unexpected costs that arise the week before the wedding.

The Mediator - Keeping control of the unexpected disputes that arise over particular decision making, reducing the stress involved in planning.

The Stylist- Having all of the resources available at our fingertips to create the elegant wedding for less without compromising on your style.

The Negotiator- In most cases a Wedding Planner can save you money because of their connections in the Industry which are not often offered to private parties.

The Director - Taking care of those wedding day emergencies that may arise.

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