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The wedding planning processes is a special time, but behind the scenes it can put serious pressure on all involved to you knows it takes approx 250hrs to plan a wedding! Especially the bride and groom. Let’s face it, we want to do the fun stuff like picking the dress, cake tasting and ring shopping but there are other tasks which demand our attention because the location won’t book itself and the caterer is not a mind reader. Enter please - the wedding planner! A wedding planner (or wedding coordinator) is there to make your special day flow as beautifully and peacefully like you always dreamed, which lets you actually enjoy the process! Once upon a time, the wedding planner was a trusted friend or family member with an uncanny ability to plan and organise without freaking out. These days, they are trained professionals whose sole interest is making your dream wedding come true. So what do these wedding super heroes do exactly?

1. The Budget: You’re finally marrying the man of your dreams, and who could put a price on that? The wedding planner can. There are some obvious costs like food, venues and the dress but sneaky hidden costs tend to rear their ugly heads during the planning process and having a budget will help manage this. It’s also important to know what you can afford to spend on each aspect and using a planner to help break up these costs is a lot easier than trying to do it yourself. They will help you divvy up your money wisely to eliminate unnecessary spending.

2. The Timeline: So much to do, but what comes first, and second, and third? A wedding planner will draw up a timeline for you including everything you and your bridal party will need to do leading up to and on your big day. Certain tasks will need to be handled first, like picking and booking the venues. The planner will assist you in working out what needs to be done when and guide you along the way to ensure nothing is forgotten.

3. Vendor Suggestions: A wedding planner knows who designs the best cakes and what venues offer the best value for money. They talk to hundreds of vendors all the time and build relationships with them that can save you precious time and money. Take their advice and visit some of their suggestions first, it will take the stresses out of trial and error and you will be pleasantly surprised with their choices. And don’t worry, if you already have a specific vendor in mind, your planner will work with them too.

4. Vendor Bookings:
Now that you’ve met all the vendors and chosen your favourites, it’s time to book them. A time consuming process that involves a lot of phone calls and call backs, contracts and price discussions. Jobs better left to the professionals, the wedding planners. Price bargaining and asking the right questions is all part of their job, so getting them to deal with bookings is a decision you can rest easy making.

5. Reviewing the Contracts: Now that the vendors are booked, it’s time to review the many contracts, making sure everything is in perfect order so that when the big day comes around there’s no stress because the limo was booked for 9pm not 9am! Reviewing the contracts is a very important job and can mean the difference between a fabulous day and near disaster.

6. Track RSVPs: The invites are out and the RSVPs are coming in quick but with so much else on your plate it can be difficult to keep track. A wedding planner can help you organise the responses and answer any questions your excited guests may have.

7. The Rehearsal: It can be a daunting time with so much going on and so much to do. The big day is looming and your family and friends are beginning to get as nervous and excited as you are. This is the time when having a wedding planner really comes in handy. They step in and take the reins. Having someone other than a relative or friend in charge of the rehearsal is a great way to keep everyone calm and in order, and because a planner has done this before, they know what needs to happen to ensure all parties are ready for the real thing.

8. Ongoing Support: It always helps to have ongoing support and advice throughout the planning process and as much as you love your friends and family, they aren’t always available when you need them for a big taste test or to visit the celebrant. Your wedding planner can work around your schedule and make themselves available when you need them to be.

9. The Big Day: Here comes the bride! The day has finally arrived, the planning is over and it’s time to walk down the aisle. A wedding planner will ensure the day runs smoothly from start to finish, checking the small details and the big ones. The only thing you need to do, is to say ‘I Do’. Note: The extent to which a wedding planner assists is completely up to you. For small weddings, perhaps all you want is advice and a shoulder to lean on, yet extravagant weddings may require a full service in which case your planner becomes your shadow. The choice is yours!

Either way here at Ezy Events our team of dedicated professionals await your call and we can’t wait to be part of your special day!

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