Learning to dance, even if it’s just a one-of simple dance for your wedding, is just like learning anything else, it’s practice and repetition that makes perfect. Having dancing lessons will teach you what to do and how to do it but expecting to learn a dance in a few lessons and perform it for your wedding day without any practice in between your lessons is limiting the value you get your of your dancing lessons and also limiting what you can do for your First Dance considerably.

If you don’t practice between your lessons then a considerable portion of your dancing lessons will be spent practising what you have learnt rather than refining an improving what you’ve learnt and learning more. This may suit some couples and of course our teachers will provide whatever coaching is required to each individual couple, however, having decided to make the effort to take dancing lessons and spending the money for private dance tuition, most couples are keen to get the best value out of those lessons.

Adding in the fact that most couples want to look smooth and natural for their Bridal Dance and they are taking lessons so that they can look like a couple and look like they know what they are doing on their wedding day, practice becomes even more important for this reason.

Practice does not have to be a long time, short frequent practices are often more beneficial than long studious practicing as the frequent repetition seems to have better results in terms of looking relaxed and natural quicker.

Individual practice is actually more important at the very beginning as the more confidence one gains with the steps, movements and timing, the easier it is to concentrate on leading and following your partner and learning new moves.

Often couples ask me if they should book their dancing lessons close to the wedding so that they don’t forget the steps and a surprising amount of couples ask if they should have all their lessons in the two weeks before the wedding. Of course those that leave it until a few weeks before the wedding to enquire about lessons are left with little choice in the matter, but those that enquire well ahead are always advised to start lessons early so that they allow plenty of practice time.

Your dancing lessons are not just about learning the steps, it is just as important, in fact even more important, to look good doing the steps, and that won’t happen without adequate practice.

It really is not a good look when you see a couple dancing at their wedding looking serious and concentrating on remembering their steps instead of relaxed and enjoying their first dance as husband and wife and if you leave dancing lessons to the last minute this is the risk you are taking. And even having your dancing lessons early but not practicing your dance outside of lessons will also put you in the same position.

It doesn’t have to take much time, keeping in mind that the average First Dance is about two to three minutes long, a ten minute practice once day would mean that you are practicing your dance about three or four times each session which amounts to a very tangible result on your wedding day.

Given that you take the time and effort to take dancing lessons because you want to look good on your wedding day, ten minutes practice a day is very little effort to make sure that you do look as good as you wish.


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