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Your Bridal Dance is one of the few things of your wedding preparations, sometimes one of the only things, that cannot be purchased or made to order. The dance will be limited to your capabilities and creating the dance you want is entirely dependent on your working on it together as a couple to achieve it.
Often I receive video links from couples planning their bridal dance asking me if I can teach them that exact dance.  Of course I can teach that dance, but can I teach to that particular couple and within the number of lessons they are willing to have and the timeframe before their wedding? It would be dishonest to answer that question unless I had had that couple in a dance lesson to assess their capabilities and potential.
Planning your wedding is exciting and fun, and searching through video’s looking for ideas for your bridal dance can be inspiring as well as fun, but it can also cause disappointment if you get your heart set on that dance and then find you don’t have the skills to learn in the time before your wedding day.
Good dancers make dancing look easy because of their skill, not because the dance is easy. Professional dancers glide though a complex routine with fluid movement that makes it look easy but what you don’t see is the years and years of training and the hours and hours and hours of practice to perfect a dance and make it look easy.
I have had professional ballet dancers come for wedding dance lessons who have been surprised that Ballroom dancing is not as easy as it looks and have remarked that learning that style of dance is much harder than they thought it would be.
If you and/or your partner have not had ballroom or Latin dance lessons and you are busy planning a very specific dance for your Bridal Dance then you must realise that you don’t know if you are actually capable of performing that dance and you will only really discover that by starting dancing lessons.
Those that plan an exact dance, wanting to do a dance exactly as they have seen it on a video, then come for lessons 3 weeks before the wedding can just be setting themselves up for disappointment.
So planning the dance before the lessons can actually work against you if you don’t also factor in the time and your skills level.
There’s nothing wrong with setting your goals high, but to make a proper decision about anything one must have all the facts to hand and in dancing one of the most important factors is your capabilities.
If you’ve aimed for the stars for your bridal dance then get the first lesson in as early as possible, doesn’t matter if it’s a year before your wedding!, then at least you will know if your plan can become an actuality for your wedding or if you’ll need to modify your ideas. Better safe than sorry.

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