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There are two aspects to choosing the song for your wedding dance: one is the song itself and whether it’s a favourite or has some sentimental value to you and the other side is the song’s suitability for dancing. Most couples choose a song they like and then their dance has to be whatever suits that song. However you should consider the fact that some music is just not suitable for dancing or is very hard to dance to, and the choice of the song should be made considering both the appeal of the song and it’s suitability for dancing.

This of course is not real easy to do if you don’t know anything about dancing, so I’ve written a few tips for you below; Cull your song choices down to two to five songs, any of which you both like, and bring those to your first dance lesson. A good teacher will be able to show you in a few seconds which songs are easiest for dancing and give you realistic advice.

Choose music that’s not real fast and not real slow. Many people believe slow music makes it easier to dance and that is FALSE. Very slow music requires more musical expression and more technical dance skill to make it look both interesting and nice. Fast music requires more practice and usually more lessons. Don’t ask your DJ for suggestions as regards music suitable for DANCING, they can only tell you what’s popular for weddings, they are not dancers or musicians so their advice won’t factor in the dance aspects.

If you have a particular style of dance in mind (ie: Waltz, Tango, Rumba etc), you will need to choose music of the correct tempo for that dance. (For example, Waltz cannot be danced to disco beat music, salsa cannot be danced to Foxtrot music).

If you have chosen a song because it has a special meaning for you both and it must be that song and none other will be considered, you do need to be aware that your dance will be determined by that song.

Nowadays it’s not important to dance a traditional Bridal Waltz, you can dance Hip Hop, Rock and Roll, Ballroom, Latin, Tango or anything you fancy, but it is important that whatever you dance you look natural, comfortable and confident together and your choice of music will determine how easy or difficult your dance will be.

Most couples choose one song for their First Dance but it is also not uncommon to have two or three songs as a medley. It is quite popular to commence your First Dance with a very traditional piece of music and a Waltz style dance and then break out into a fun or funky dance, even a satirical dance, to get the reception party rocking.

Once you have booked and confirmed your lessons with us we offer free music advice and feedback prior to your lessons so that you know before starting your first lesson that your music choice is suitable for the dancing you have in mind. If you have no idea where to start we also have a sing list of popular wedding dance songs that are easy for dancing and even if none of those songs are the right ones for you it will help get you on the right track.

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