It’s always a bit of a concern when couples are discussing their wedding dance lessons with me and want to hold off booking their lessons until ‘close to the wedding day’. The reason is always because they are concerned about ‘forgetting’ what they learn in the lessons.

Saying those words to me is almost like waving a red flag in front of a bull because there’s nothing worse than watching in a couple dance their Bridal Waltz with serious looks of concentration on their faces as they focus on doing the dance steps. It looks so uncomfortable and unnatural and to my mind almost defeats the purpose of having dance lessons.


You see, the main reason the average couple comes to me for wedding dance lessons is not to become accomplished dancers through the lessons but to be able to look natural and confident as they dance their First Dance as husband and wife and to look like a couple.


Consequently the dance lessons focus on the technique of partnered dancing to achieve this and not just on dance steps. The dance steps are actually a lesser importance because even just a few very simple steps can look fabulous when danced smoothly and comfortably together.

To look and feel natural you must feel comfortable and be practiced and familiar with what you are doing and that applies to anything, not just dancing. For example, as adults we can all count from 1 to 10 without thinking, but it took lot’s of repetition and practice as little kids to learn that – it did not come naturally and it was not learnt and remembered and familiar is just a couple of school classes.

Now I am not saying you need lots of lessons to learn a simple dance, but I am saying that if you want to look natural and comfortable together and look like a couple as you dance the steps you have learnt, then you are going to have to practice a little bit in between your dance lessons.

There are plenty of last minute issues that can arise in the last few weeks leading up to your wedding and leaving your dance lessons to those last few weeks is really inviting dance to become one of those issues.

The later you start lessons the less opportunity you have to change anything, the more chance of last minute panic or nerves. Your dance will be restricted to only what you can pick up quickly rather than what you want to do and you increase the likelihood of looking stiff and awkward for your wedding dance through lack of practice.

Wedding dance lessons are private dance lessons structured to teach a personalised dance that suits your chosen music, your skill level, comfort level and personalities and that is achievable by the deadline of your wedding day. A part of the skill of the teacher is seeing and understanding your ability to remember a dance and adjusting the choreography to suit you so that it is easy for you to remember and optimally, with a bit of practice, can be remembered without even thinking about it.

Even for the simplest of dances it is far wiser to have a few lessons a couple of months before the wedding, go off and have as much practice time as you wish and then have a final polish-up lesson one or two weeks before the wedding.


About The Author:
Julie is the principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney and teaches hundreds of couples their Wedding Dance each year. She has danced since the age of 3, studying formal ballet & theatrical dance in her youth and all styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing in latter years. She has performed, choreographed and taught professionally most of her adult life. She has taught for dance studios in Australia and Europe, schools & colleges in Australia and is a lecturer, teacher and adjudicator for the Dance Council of Australia.

Website:  http://www.weddingdancelessons.com.au

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