Finding a Wedding Caterer Part 1


After watching the newly wed exchange vows and officially begin their married life as a couple, the guests will surely be hungry. Also, many of the guests may have stopped themselves from eating so that they would look good on pictures, or simply because they were too busy with the wedding itself, so it is just right for you, the host to feed them right! Here’s a quick guide to catering:

1. Different Needs

When you are putting together such a large variety of people, you have to be aware on the presence of preferences. Not everybody likes and dislikes the same food. You may find vegetarian, non-dairy, diabetic, or some with health restriction from the group. Lucky you if you don’t! Thus, you have to be open to eating arrangements. You don’t have to make arrangements for everyone but at least, try to offer two to three options. For example, you need to have pure meat for those who not into veggies, veggie options for those don’t eat meat, or other pasta dishes. It’s just an addition to the menu, so why not do the kindness to offer it to them? It is also a good idea to do the buffet style in serving the food. This allows each of the guests to pick what they want or can eat.

2. How to Find a Good Wedding Caterer
There are many wedding caterers who rely mainly on word of mouth advertising to advertise their service. If you can, why don’t you talk to newly wed couples in your area and ask if they can recommend a good wedding caterer? This can be a good starting point.

Another way is to ask for a recommendation from reception hall coordinators. Often times, they will ask you to use one particular wedding caterer or they will give you a list of trusted wedding caterers.
Do not forget to schedule an appointment with the wedding catering service candidates for taste test of the options they have for you. At this very point, you can easily pick the foods you think your guests will certainly enjoy. At Crave Catering Melbourne you can choose from a range of finger food, banquets and buffet options. Tastings are free if the function is booked.
Remember – a good meal is one great way to thank your guests for joining you in this wonderful day of you life. This is the part of your wedding that should not be skimped on no matter what reason you have. So it is just right that you find someone or a company to help you achieve this goal!

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