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 To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. ~ David Viscott ~

A wedding is a formalisation of this love; when two people with their family and close friends come together to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Programmes such as ‘Bridezilla” and “Whose wedding is it anyway” invariably depict this event as being a stressful time for not only the bride but those close to her as well. As owner and cake artist at ‘Brisbane Wedding Cakes’, I am very conscious of the bride juggling her everyday routine and planning this often once-in-a-lifetime gig. With most modern women having professional careers, kids at home and planning an event like this it can be quite daunting. On the flipside of the coin, she is independent both financially and in choice. The modern woman is quite capable of making her own decisions and knows exactly what she wants.

Wedding cakes have evolved from just boiled fruitcakes with piping to pieces of artwork. They are decorated with cake toppers, bling, feathers and just about anything that the couple fancies. Besides the bride and her gown, the wedding cake will take centre stage as all the guests file into the wedding venue to take their place. After the exchange of rings and vows, the cutting of the wedding cake will feature prominently in wedding pictures.

Being a check-list person myself, I have created a quick list that might assist you organising your wedding cake and result in a quick ‘tick’ off ‘To Do List’.


Have a realistic budget and endeavour to stick to a budget. Brisbane Wedding Cakes hire out imported wedding cake toppers like those by Kim Lawrence to help budgetary constraints without compromising on the cake in its entirety. Hire cake stands and other accessories instead of purchasing these. Use foam dummies which can reduce cake costs but still give you an impressive wedding cake. Check with your wedding venue if ‘cakeage’ is being charged and include this to your wedding cake budget. Cakeage is the cost of plating your wedding cake as dessert and is often served with cream and berry coulis.


“You get what you pay for”. Obtain a few quotes and shop around. Make an informed decision after referencing the vendor’s website/ Facebook and read testimonials. Brisbane Wedding Cakes, provides a written quote which includes ‘terms and conditions’ – the fine print, along with an itemised account of all that is used for the cake. Check the quote’s validity because quotes can are revised after the due date.

Cake Consultations:

Meeting your vendor is important. Take in designs and also ask for a cake test of their various flavours. At Brisbane Wedding Cakes, a Cake Design Consultation averages an hour and includes a power point presentation, cake testing and finalisation of the wedding cake design. This is the ‘fun bit’ with organising your wedding cake. Go for a cake that reflects your personality, colour scheme and venue décor.

A few years ago I had a bride being accompanied by her mother-in-law for the consultation. As she was paying for the cake, she proceeded to dictate the design of the cake; an exact replica of her cake about 30 years ago. A double heart cake in purple and white, trimmed with crimping and plastic hearts! It is YOUR wedding and you need to be happy. Yes, the poor bride went ahead with her mother-in-law’s wedding cake design.

Delivery and Set-Up:

Budget for a little extra to facilitate the smooth delivery and set-up of your wedding cake tat the venue. Most vendors will include the cost of delivery and set-up. At Brisbane Wedding Cakes free delivery and set up is offered for cakes over $500. Multi-tiered cakes can be quite heavy and also fragile with the amount of decorations that are included on the cake. Get your vendor to provide a set of instructions to the venue on dismantling and serving the cake.

Article written by Sharlene L Fernandez of Brisbane Wedding Cakes. (Facebook page 'The Fruit Cake Brisbane) --- no pun intended!

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