5 Whimsical Wedding Cakes


You’re a unique couple, and perhaps you’re planning a wedding which will be alternative rather than traditional, irreverent rather than conventional and ignores fashion rather than follows it. Your marriage is a serious statement of your commitment, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding day has to be a solemn affair. Whimsical wedding cakes are a great way to express individuality and amuse guests.

Wedding cakes that express a theme

Maybe the theme that you’ve chosen for your wedding could be echoed by your wedding cake. If you’ve chosen a Las Vegas theme, think playing cards, or for a wedding with a fair dinkum Australian theme, why not have a wedding cake in the form of a Vegemite jar?

Let your cake tell a story

Couples often choose a cake which tells their story. A wedding cake could depict the location where they first met, or where they went on their first date, the meaning of their special song, or the occasion when the marriage proposal was made and accepted.

A passionate interest shared by the couple is a great foundation for a cake theme. Whether they are both keen on travel or yoga, share an interest in sport, music, are fans of Harry Potter or Dr Who, or love cooking and wine tasting, there’s likely to be a heap of inspiration for a cake design in their shared passion.

If a themed wedding is not really your style, a cake that tells your story is too self-absorbed, and a cake in your favourite football team’s colours doesn’t appeal to you, how about a cake that’s just plain quirky, and has no meaning other than fun?

We’ve listed five examples of whimsical wedding cakes we’ve seen that we think might fire your imagination.

  1. Harlequin cakes are popular, possibly because harlequins are traditionally zany clowns. The harlequin pattern, with contrasting diamond shapes, gives a lot of scope for a visually exciting cake. Black and white is a great colour combination, or you could try a multi-coloured harlequin pattern.
  2. We’ve seen an interesting cake in subtle pastel colours which turned tradition on its head by having each layer in a different shape, colour and style. Of course, it also had embellishments like medallions, flowers and other little baubles.
  3. A cake shaped to represent Miss Piggy and Kermit is a colourful creation and lots of fun.
  4. Traditional cakes are straight-up-and-down with pillars between the tiers but whimsical cakes are often asymmetrical, looking unstable and on the verge of collapse (although they’re actually carefully balanced). To enhance the crazy effect, add some wild colours and random swirls.
  5. Cakes made to look like other foods – preferably savoury food rather than sweet – make memorable desserts; we’ve seen cakes in the form of hamburgers and sushi rolls but lasagne or roast turkey cake might be more to your taste.

To find a designer who can take your ideas and create a whimsical cake, visit our Cakes page for listings of dozens of cake designers in your state. Follow links to the designers’ websites where you’ll see galleries and portfolios of wedding cakes and other specialty cakes they have created. Take note of a couple of local designers whose work you like, schedule meetings to discuss your ideas, and lock in the designer who suits you best.

If you don’t take yourselves too seriously, and you’re willing to let your imagination run riot and come up with ideas for wedding cakes which are offbeat, strange or even wacky, your wedding guests will be in for a treat!

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