Non-edible Favours


Non-edible Favours

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Not every bride and groom wants to give their guests edible favours, particularly as many weddings involve a large sit down meal. Thankfully there are a number of practical gifts that you may want to consider.

1. The scratchie

In place of name cards at each guest’s seat you can use a small envelope with a scratchie inside it. Personalise each envelope with the names of your guests and they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they open it and even more so if they win!


2. Exotic Tea & Persian Tea Cannisters (

Persian tea canisters from T2 make an exquisite wedding favour. At $15.00 a piece they’re reserved for the truly generous bride and groom. If you can’t afford the $15.00 a head you can always opt for just the tea! Buy it in bulk and levy it out into beautiful little boxes or bags.


3. Charitable favours

If you’re feeling charitable you can take your wedding favour budget and donate it to a worthy cause that is supported by both the bride and groom. Leave a place card at each guests seat (or in the case of a cocktail reception, a small plaque in a prominent position) that lets your guests know what you have done.


4. Place card holder

Traditionally sit down receptions utillise place cards depicting who sits where. By choosing a delightful place card holder designed for photos or business cards it can also double as your guests wedding favour. Have a look at the following list of place cards holders for inspiration!


5. Small photo frames

Sentimental couples might like to choose a small photo frame with a picture of themselves in it as a gift to their guests. See the following link for an extensive collection of petite frames that are sure to delight:


6. Other non-edible wedding favours include:

  • Personalise dpens or stationary
  • Fancy soaps
  • Compact mirrors
  • Miniature champagne bottles filled with blowing bubbles
  • Origami cranes (made from recycled paper)
  • Potpourri sachets

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