Modern Day Bomboniere


Modern Day Bomboniere

Photo provided by Pink Frosting

If you’re keen to cast aside the relics of traditional bomboniere you will not be on your own. Modern day brides and grooms have embraced a number of delectable alternatives to sugar coated almonds, including non-edible Bomboniera.

Choosing favours: Edible or Non-edible?

Choosing between edible or non-edible wedding favours may be an easy decision for some but if you’re uncertain which option is best for you, consider the following things:

  • Price: Typically edible wedding favours are cheaper as they are more likely to yield discounts when purchased in bulk (there are some exceptions to the rule, see the list below)
  • How much food will be at your wedding? Are you having a reception with plentiful amounts of food? If so you may find that your wedding favours are forgotten as rotund guests leave the venue with anything but more food on their minds.
  • Aesthetics: How do you want to present your wedding favour? Presentation can represent a substantial amount of the cost of favours so it may be prudent to consider which of these alternatives is easier to adapt to your wedding theme. A personalised stubby cooler may look good on paper as a practical gift but it might also require some re-dressing to compliment your picture perfect table ware.


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