Making Your Own Favours


Making Your Own Favours

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If wedding favours are not in your budget or you’re just looking to save some money then here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Buy in bulk

Whether you’re buying packaging or sweets, try and find a store that will give you a bulk discount. Little Chinese takeaway boxes may look cute in packs of four but if you’re having a large reception it’s going to add up. Try to shop online at wholesale prices or ask specialty party stores if they’ll do a discount for bulk orders.


2. Be discrete

Whatever you’re purchasing the worst thing you can do is tell the sales person that it’s for a wedding. Many stores will charge a premium on wedding supplies irrespective of whether they are identical to ordinary party/packaging products.


3. Make your own

You can download templates to make your own favour boxes in various shapes and sizes and print them out on card paper. If you prefer material bags you should work out how much the material will cost you and whether it’s worth the effort as stores such as spotlight offer organza bags for as little as 0.49 AUD. You can also try your hand at making your own chocolates. You can purchase chocolate moulds and use white chocolate which can be dyed to match your colour scheme. Alternatively you can wrap them in coloured foils.


4. Utilise your family and friends

Whatever you decide to make, you don’t have to do it on your own. Weddings are events that are shared with friends and family so why not enlist their help in the preparation of your big day as well. Invite your bridesmaids and family over to help make your favours and packaging.


5. Online resources to help you make your own wedding favours:


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