Edible Wedding Favours


Edible Wedding Favours

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Edible wedding favours are a popular choice and can be achieved on a large or small budget! Buying large quantities of your specified favour will often yield significant discounts making this option very affordable for modest budgets. Luxury chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Bachi and Lindt Balls can be purchased online from eBay in bulk lots starting at 1kg. You can also serve your wedding cake as Bomboniera by providing petite boxes for your guests to take a portion home.


Cost effective edible wedding favours

Wedding Cakes as Favours

Alternatively you can have a wedding cake which is designed with individual portions in mind. This works well with Ferrero Rocher towers and delicious French Macaron pyramids. You can also use fresh custard profiterole pyramids joined together with toffee. Not only do they look sensational but they taste amazing. Provide your guests with little boxes to take these delicacies home and I doubt they’ll be lamenting the absence of traditional almond bomboniere.


The Candy Bar

An emerging trend has been the introduction of a candy bar (or candy buffet) in place of wedding favours or dessert. There are many catering company’s which deal exclusively with candy bars but if you don’t have the money to hire one you can simply assemble one yourself! The candy bar typically consists of an appropriately decorated table adorned with glass containers filled to the brim with eye catching sweets. You may also include trays of other edible delicacies like moist cup cakes or Persian fairy floss. Guests can be provided with miniature tongs or scoops and a small box that they can fill to their hearts content.

Providing bags or boxes also gives your guests an idea of how much they’re allowed to take from the candy bar and enables you to regulate consumption so that no-one misses out. Providing guests with a selection of sweets is also more likely to satisfy a broader range of tastes buds. You can widen its appeal by including sweets that are diabetic and vegan friendly. Using nostalgic sweets will also be a hit with young and old as your guests are reminded of the simple youthful pleasure of enjoying a bag of lollies.

Refer to this list of websites for candy bar inspiration:


Bowl of Sweets
If your budget doesn’t allow for a candy bar or individual wedding favours you can opt for a simple yet inviting bowl of sweets. Place it at the exit door of your venue and invite guests to help themselves on their way out. They’ll be pleasantly surprised as they leave the venue and the last thing on their minds will be your token of gratitude. Try using a large apothecary jar decorated with a ribbon that compliments your theme.

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