Children’s Wedding Favours


Children’s Wedding Favours

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If you have invited children to your wedding you may also want to consider child friendly wedding favours. Most kids may be happy with the favours that you’ve given the adults but they may be left wanting for stimulating activity in such an overwhelmingly grown up environment. Keep them entertained with this range of practical favours.

1. Activity book sets

A colouring in book paired with some pencils or crayons may go a long way to keeping your littlest guests happy and more importantly quiet. If you’re providing drawing implements you might also want to consider a paper table cloth, the creativity of children seldom stays confined to sheets of paper.

2. Lego Minifigures (

For children over five mini-figures are an excellent choice. They won’t cause any cavities but they may induce persistent nagging for more!

3. Pez Dispensers (

If you’re happy giving your little guests edible treats then consider Pez dispensers and candy. These cute little candies have stood the test of time and are available in a large range of themes and colours that are sure to please any child. You can also purchase the latest designs off in bulk. Choose from themes such as Hello Kitty and Ben 10!


4. Kinder Surprises

These Easter egg shaped shells are made of melt in your mouth chocolate and each holds its own little surprise – a miniature toy. They’ll give your little guests something to do and something to eat leaving you free to enjoy the night. Always use as directed however as this favour may contain small parts that make it unsuitable for infants.


5. Candy Necklaces or Rings (

Visit a specialty confectionary store or check out the range at candy kingdom and purchase some candy necklaces and rings for your little guests. The size of their candy rings may put yours to shame but they’ll soon be devoured!

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