Unique Edible Favours


Unique Edible Favours

Photo provided by Very Special Celebrations

A simple yet gorgeous wedding favour is a few chocolate hearts wrapped in coloured foil that corresponds with your wedding colour scheme. They can be placed in organza bags or scattered along the center of the table. You can also utilise transparent boxes to enjoy the full effect of your colour themed sweets. If you’re looking to do something a little more unique with your edible favours here is a list of ideas to inspire you:

1. French Macarons (www.veryspecialonline.com.au)

Not to be confused with macaroons, macarons are delectable yo-yo shaped treats that will leave your mouth watering. From their slightly crispy, chewy meringue like shell to their soft flavoured center, it is difficult to imagine anyone could dislike such a pleasant tasting treat. Popular flavours include raspberry, pistachio, caramel, chocolate, coconut and ginger. You can choose them based on the taste or colour of their exquisite flavours!

2. Luxurious Dello Mano Brownies (www.dellomano.com.au)

Dello Mano Brownies are proudly Australian made and have been featured in Vogue Entertainment and Travel Magazine. There are seven different flavours to choose from including gluten free options. Each brownie comes individually wrapped in coloured foil (and at your option individually gift boxed). If you’re looking for a favour that really spoils your guests look no further than Dello Mano’s luxury brownies! If they’re a little too expensive for your wedding favour budget you can opt to serve them as favours on the Bride and Grooms tables and treat your guests to a more cost effective option. Visit the Dello Mano website for more information.

3. Jelly Belly’s (www.jellybelly.com.au)

If you have not been acquainted with Jelly Belly beans you have certainly been missing out. But be warned Jelly Belly’s are no ordinary beans. Jelly Belly flavours are so true to life you’ll be left wondering whether you ate a jelly bean or a juicy pear. Wherever possible natural ingredients are used to flavour the beans and the result is as intense as it is terrific. All beans take between seven to twenty-one days to make. Flavours range from green tea, buttered popcorn and cappuccino to tutti-frutti and pina colada. Include an assortment of flavours in each of your guests wedding favours and they will be amazed and delighted as they sample the flavours of the world through these tiny little beans. Best of all Jelly Belly’s can be bought online in bulk from their website.

 4. Hand made Etsy.com treats! Chocolate Pops and Nougat!

If you haven’t sucked on a lollipop since your child-hood then Zukr Boutiques, Victoria Bouquet lollipops may take you by surprise. These beautiful and unique lollipops are lovingly handmade with the finest white and strawberry Belgium chocolate and come individually wrapped inside beautiful tins. These pops would make a truly unique gourmet gift for your guests that taste as good as they look! Sample packs are available from the store if the pictures aren’t enough to induce you to buy them.

(store link) http://www.etsy.com/shop/ZukrBoutique?ref=seller_info

Individually wrapped handmade nougat is also available from Etsy.com store Kettle Confections. They offer a wedding sampler pack consisting of eight flavours including strawberry ice cream almond French nougat and Café au Lait French Almond.

(Store Link) http://www.etsy.com/shop/KettleConfections?ref=seller_info

5. Hard Boiled Candies

Hard boiled candies are another popular wedding favour. They can be bought in bulk and look sensational. Many stores also offer the option of personalising your candy with Groom loves Bride. The colour of these sweets can also be customized to accord with your wedding theme and they look sensational in transparent packaging. See Sticky.com.au for more information!


6. Pretty in Pink: Nostalgic confectionary

Confectionary brand, Pretty in Pink have created a charming range of pre-packaged nostalgic confectionary for boys and girls alike. These pretty little parcels are available in the confectionary section at David Jones department stores and although they may be beyond a modest wedding budget they are sure to impress.


7. Additional edible wedding favours:

  • Personalised love heart candies
  • Home made Jams in miniature jam jars
  • After dinner mints
  • Selection of miniature cheeses in a petite basket
  • Miniature bottles of wine
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Coconut ice
  • Fondue fountains complete with honey comb, strawberry marshmallows and ripe fruits for dipping.
  • Rum balls (perhaps one of the easiest bomboniere treats to make yourself)
  • Tiers of moist cupcakes
  • Fresh Cherries or other fruits in season – buy them directly from a cherry farm!
  • Fortune cookies


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