DIY Photo Booths


Photo Booths are lots of fun and your guests can enjoy making some great memories.  However the reality is that some Photo Booths can cost over $1000 per event to hire.

If don’t have the resources to buy or rent a photo booth, you can make your own.

The key ingredient for all DIY Photo Booths, is a digital camera.  Either set up a digital camera on a tripod or have a friend or family member be the “photographer” for the event.  Digital cameras are perfect for Photo Booths as you can preview the photo straight away.  If you can also invest in a small photo printer and have it set up ready, your friends can instantly take home a unique souvenir as they are great Wedding or Party Favours.

You can make your Photo Booth as easy and simple as you like, just by adding a few props and standing in front of a white wall is a great place to start.  Most of all, it is about the fun and craziness that makes Photo Booths so special.

Here are some simple and creative ways to add a little more fun to your DIY Photo Booth for your next event.

1.  Frame It

Visit your local secondhand store of market and be on the look out for large paintings.  Pay careful attention to the frame as this is what you are most interested in.  Most secondhand stores have large paintings which may or not be your taste, but the frames are mostly made from timber which are generally stained or in a Gold finish.  As long as the frame is in good order you are half way there.

Simply remove the painting from the frame and any nails or studs left over and now you have your photo booth.

There are many different ways in which you can use the frames and my favorite is to hang the frame or a few different sized frames from a large tree branch and let nature be the backdrop.  If you are unable to find large frames, buy a number of small to medium size frames and these will be light enough for your guest to pick up and Frame themselves in the photo.

2.  The Backdrop

There are so many different backdrops available however one of my favorites is the “Kissing Booth”.  

It reminds me of a country carnival with the Candy Red Stripes and the Yellow Banner.

You can have this banner personalised with your name and date to add that extra WOW factor.

Some other cost-effective backdrops are to use the game mat from Twister, or a shower curtain.  The colours are fantastic and you can reuse it over and over again.  Great for kid’s parties.

A simple yet effective backdrop is to hang a range of different coloured streamers by using an old broom or mop handle and hold them into place with some sticky tape.

3. Props

No Photo Booth is complete without props.  There are great templates available on the internet and with a little help from Google, you can find so many different shapes and themes.

Once you have downloaded them, visit your local craft store or bargain shop and purchase some wooden Ice-Cream sticks.  Then simply attach the Props to the wooden Ice-Cream sticks.

I suggest using sticky tape or craft glue.  Just ensure when using glue that is safe to use on paper especially if you have printed them on coloured paper as the colour may run.  The quality of the paper is also important, try to obtain some card stock (paper that is around 22ogsm) as this will make them more durable.

Some other great alternatives are Feather Boas, Crowns, Cowboy Hats and Large Sunglasses which can all be purchased at your local discount store.

4.  A little bit extra

Here are few extra things you can add to your Photo Booth.

Buy some magnet dots from your local craft or discount store and keep them next to your printer, so you guests can go home and place their photo the fridge for display.

An alternative for a digital camera is your web cam on your lap top.  This way you can ensure that the photos are stored directly onto your computer or USB.

Place a sign near the Photo Booth instructing your guest to have some fun.  There are also some great free templates you can download and print from the internet.

Most of all is have fun.  Create memories that will last a life time.

Until next time,

Happy Planning Everyone

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